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Thinking, why my Dell Printer Offline? Get solutions here!

Are you continuously asking yourself one question that why is my dell printer offline?

If you are already at the end-point of your tether and all set to throw that printer out of your house through utter frustration. Well, hold your thoughts; there is a way to fix this average Dell printer problem! So, take a few steps away from your printer for a few minutes, take a long deep breath and read on…

Here’s this is what you will know from this blog:

  • What are the reasons behind why Dell offline or not work properly?
  • How to instantly get Dell printer online
  • How to fix the Dell Printer Offline issue

Causes behind Dell Printer Offline

There are numerous possible reasons behind your ‘Dell Printer Offline’ notification such as your PCs software being updated, a connectivity problem between your computer and your printer’s hardware and Computer (including Wi-Fi hardware or cables), your printer may require firmware updates, or the driver of printer on the computer requires an update.

However, the most common problem for Dell Printer Offline issue (like plastic bags in the oceans for water pollution) is a miss-communication or poor connectivity between Wireless router, the PC and printer via its Wi-Fi connectivity that force i.p address to change. This problem has three possible reasons or a combination of all:

  • Your PC is switching off the wireless adaptor for power save.
  • The antivirus software or Firewall is producing a communication fault.
  • Information about Network is absent in your Dell printer settings or incorrect i.p address.

 How to make your Dell printer online?

If you are searching for an instant way to get your Dell printer back online again to complete that print task then there is fast and simple trick to fix the issue, but first a warning…..there is a high chance that in a few days or a week upmost you will face the same Dell Printer Offline issue, so it’s advised to take a professional help if the issue continues for a long period! Here’s the trick:

  1. Open your PC ‘find the device’ manager settings form control panel. Click on the Devices-&-printers settings.
  • Scroll down to the ‘USB controller’s section and arrow to open the list option or click the plus symbol .

3. On every ‘USB Root Hub’ one by one, click right on your mouse and select ‘Properties’ (Make sure to only do this for USB Root Hub).

4. Click on the ‘Power Management’.

5. Untick ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’.

6. Restart your PC

7. Finally follow step 1 again, go to ‘Network adapters’, click right on the wireless adapter then properties then power management and untick a similar option as step 5.

This trick can help to solve the issue of Dell Printer Offline instantly.

If this trick doesn’t work, try other things include:

  • Search and install an updated printer driver
  • Update your Dell Printer Firmware
  • Check the print list in the control panel and delete the entire list.
  • Check your antivirus or firewall settings to check that your printer functionality is not blocked.

If you are still facing the Dell Printer Offline issue, contact our expert for assistance, there are available 24/7.  

How to fix the issue of Dell printer offline permanently

Not again, that irritating message ‘Dell Printer Offline’ is flashing on your computer screen! Well, there is also a better way to fix this horrible Dell Printer Offline issue- that will last for a longer period. For a permanent fix, you need to consult a professional.

Configure your dell printer to function on a static

Here how’s it done:

  1. Open your PC navigation and select Dell Printer Offline from the control panel.
  2. Either click right- properties or click your dell printer in the list. For example, if your PC running windows 10 click ‘Manage’.

3. Click on printer properties.

4. Click on the ‘Ports’.

5. Now on the list, you can see the current i.p address of your printer.

6. Type your current i.p address into a computer’s browser address bar that is linked to the same WIFI network.

7. Now the setting menu for your dell printer is open. (note: you need to log in with a password and username if its already set otherwise type Admin / leave the password blank).

8. Now a screen/window will open.

9. Click the connectivity or Network option

10. Now, you can set the option to static or manual instead of automatic.

11. Now, your screen will flash an option for the manual i.p address, if not you need to set it yourself. Try the original i.p address but increase the last digit at-least 5 times. Jot down that number for later use, then select save or apply.

12. Now log-in with your router’s i.p address (similarly, mentioned in step 6) to get the i.p address open a command quickly and type: ipconfig/all.

3. Now add the new printer i.p address and that number we saved earlier, so you’re your pc and printer can communicate. (Note- you may require to set-up your router manually, as each device process is different). 

14. At last, you need to go back on step 1 to get your Dell printers’ i.p address once more where you need to add your printer’s new i.p address to complete the set-up.

Your Dell printer must now be set to a static i.p address and your issue should be solved! Please remember that if your wireless router ever reboots, you may follow these steps.



The printers get offline often when the network is unavailable. You don’t need to worry, as our experts are there to help you with Printer Offline Problems.

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